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Apache Spark

helm3 install spark \  
  --set master.webPort=8081 bitnami/spark
NAME: spark
LAST DEPLOYED: Mon Sep  7 15:25:26 2020
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
1. Get the Spark master WebUI URL by running these commands:

  kubectl port-forward --namespace default svc/spark-master-svc 80:80
  echo "Visit to use your application"

2. Submit an application to the cluster:

  To submit an application to the cluster the spark-submit script must be used. That script can be
  obtained at Also you can use kubectl run.

  export EXAMPLE_JAR=$(kubectl exec -ti --namespace default spark-worker-0 -- find examples/jars/ -name 'spark-example*\.jar' | tr -d '\r')

  kubectl exec -ti --namespace default spark-worker-0 -- spark-submit --master spark://spark-master-svc:7077 \
    --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi \

** IMPORTANT: When submit an application from outside the cluster service type should be set to the NodePort or LoadBalancer. **

** IMPORTANT: When submit an application the --master parameter should be set to the service IP, if not, the application will not resolve the master. **

** Please be patient while the chart is being deployed **

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