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CKS Restrict API server

There is an flag when starting kube-aoiserver called:

kube-apiserver --anonymous-auth=true|false

The default value for this option is true because some liveness and readiness probes needs it.

Then we have –insecure-port=8080 (deprecated)

There was an option in past before Kubernetes 1.20 to use In such a case, all authentication and authorization to API server would be skipped and this was and still is considered as highly insecure and dangerous.

kube-apiserver --insecure-port=8080

Call API server via curl

# Certification authority
k config view -o jsonpath='{.clusters[].cluster.certificate-authority-data}' --raw | base64 -d > ca

# Client certificate
k config view -o jsonpath='{.users[].user.client-certificate-data}' --raw  | base64 -d > crt

# Client key
k config view -o jsonpath='{.users[].user.client-key-data}' --raw | base64 -d > key

curl --cacert ca --cert crt --key key
  "paths": [

NodeRestriction plugin

Kubernetes nodes do have their own kubeconfig file located at /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.conf to communicate to kube-apiserver however, their permissions are limited.

    - kube-apiserver
    - --enable-admission-plugins=NodeRestriction

Here are several examples what can/cannot be done by using this KUBECONFIG file

root@lima-k8s:~# kubectl get pods --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.conf
accessor         1/1     Running   0          26h
krissko          1/1     Running   0          6d1h
pod-in-default   1/1     Running   0          6d1h
root@lima-k8s:~# kubectl get nodes --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.conf
NAME       STATUS   ROLES                  AGE    VERSION
lima-k8s   Ready    control-plane,master   6d1h   v1.23.4
root@lima-k8s:~# kubectl get ns --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.conf
Error from server (Forbidden): namespaces is forbidden: User "system:node:lima-k8s" cannot list resource "namespaces" in API group "" at the cluster scope

We are not allowed to modify special labels like

root@lima-k8s:~# kubectl label node lima-k8s
Error from server (Forbidden): nodes "lima-k8s" is forbidden: is not allowed to modify labels:```

#### Troubleshooting

crictl ps -a
CONTAINER           IMAGE               CREATED             STATE               NAME                      ATTEMPT             POD ID
9b69ae66f21ad       b6d7abedde399       25 seconds ago      Exited              kube-apiserver            4                   0bbfc476e406a
controlplane $ crictl logs -f 9b69ae66f21ad
Error: unknown flag: --this-is-very-wrong
Log locations to check:
crictl ps + crictl logs
docker ps + docker logs (in case when Docker is used)
kubelet logs: /var/log/syslog or journalctl
NodeRestriction in kube-apiserver manifest

We need to enable the NodeRestriction in the Apiserver manifest

  - command:
    - kube-apiserver
    - --advertise-address=
    - --allow-privileged=true
    - --authorization-mode=Node,RBAC
    - --client-ca-file=/etc/kubernetes/pki/ca.crt
    - --enable-admission-plugins=NodeRestriction
    - --enable-bootstrap-token-auth=true
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