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CKS upgrade kubernetes

major    minor    patch
 1    .   24    .   0
Upgrade Master Node procedure
  • drain and cordon (make it unschedulable) node
  • kubeadm
  • kube-apiserver
  • controller-manager
  • scheduler


  • kubelet (can be -2 minor version behind kube-apiserver)
  • kube-proxy

Components same minor version as kube-apiserver

Upgrade Node procedure
  1. Safely evicts all pods from node
kubectl drain

Mark node as SchedulingDisabled

kubectl cordon
  1. Do the upgrade procedure …

  2. Unmark node as SchedulingDisabled

kubectl uncordon
  • pod gracePeriod / Terminating state
  • pod Lifecycle Events
  • PodDisruptionBudget
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Jan Toth

I have been in DevOps related jobs for past 6 years dealing mainly with Kubernetes in AWS and on-premise as well. I spent quite a lot …

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